In The Combination of Limits, ritual eruv demarcations become the recurring element of the Modiin pictures. Nearly invisible itself, the eruv twine makes visible other ‘invisibilities’ in the landscape. In the triptych Sans Personne à Qui Parler, the eruv activates the tell tale foliage evidencing the one-time Palestinian village, El Burge. Axes, situated several hundred yards to the east, catches the old north/south road that skirted the green line before it too fades into the landscape. As the road disappears on the horizon, infrastructures such as pylons and newly strung power lines, as well as the eruv, create a new dominating east/west axis. In the untitled black and white photograph from the western edge of Modiin, the eruv frames a terrain dotted with saplings planted by the Jewish National Fund, another form of demarcation – memory forests.

Combination of Limits